Tribute to youth, baseball and Chicago Cub all star, Ernie Banks. Recorded at Exceptions studio, Topeka, Ks., 1979.


Thanks Mister Banks by Roger Bain 1979

All summer long when I was a kid
It seems about the only thing that we did
Was play baseball and follow the Cubs
My middle dresser drawer filled up with bleacher ticket stubs
Yeah. Bleacher ticket.

And there was one player, a cut above the rest
It’s safe to say he was Chicago’s best
He was my hero and he still is today
And since I was a kid I have been meanin’ to say
Thanks, thanks, thanks
Mister—Ernie Banks
Yeah yeah-ah
Ernie Banks

I collected the cards I knew all the names
Sometimes I cut class so I could go to the games
Baseball was my life, if you know what I mean
And the number one man was number fourteen
Thanks, thanks, thanks
Mister—Ernie Banks
Yeah yea-ah
Ernie Banks

Well now the roar of the crowd still I can hear it
They cheered for his bat they was applaud’n his spirit
Billy Williams on third, Santo standing on first
I thought that old Wrigley Field would burst
Then you step to the plate You put one away
Brickhouse screams: Hey hey!
Ball flies over Waveland and the kids all give chase
Back in the park you was round’n third base
Thanks, thanks, thanks
Thanks, thanks, thanks
Thanks, thanks, thanks
Ernie Banks……yeah-yeah-yeah, uh-huh