1. Holy Holy

Written during my prolonged absurdist period in Lawrence, Kansas.


Holy Holy
Written around 1974/75 by R. Bain ©2020

Well I was eating a mackerel in Toledo, Ohio
When my friend Moses walked by
He’d just gotten off work
He was an A-1 clerk
He said, “Finish that fish, let’s go get high.”

Holy Toledo
Holy Mackerel
Holy Moses and me
If you ever eat a mackerel in Toledo with Moses
You can say you’ve tasted sweet luxury

Well I was chasing a cow through a shit-field in Kansas
Not a ghost of a cloud in the sky
I was holding my nose
When the temperature rose
And that cow started to fly. Oh my.

Holy cow
Holy shit-field
Holy ghost, whoo-whee!
If you ever chase a cow on a hot day in Kansas
You can call my number tool free

And I say
Holy Holy
Holy guacamole
Holy rock and roll-y