1. Want Ads Blues

During the 1970s, when I was Hardly Working, I often found myself seeking temporary employment in the want ads. Me on guitar/vocals. Geoff DeMuth on bass. David Prusina on drums.


Want Ad Blues
Circa 1973 ©2018 Roger Bain

Woke up this mornin’ with a grin on my face
I was the happiest man in the whole human race
Until my baby shook me and she kicked my knee
I thought that everything in life was free

Want ads
Want ads
Surely be the death of me
Want ads
Want ads
Nothin’ but pure misery

I tell the paper boy he should stop coming by
The help-wanted section always ruins my high
At least come by when my baby ain’t around
She’s bound to read the want ads and send me into town


Last job I had almost drove me insane
The boss was a jerk and I called him a name
Then he told me I was fired without paying me a cent
How’s a poor boy supposed to make his rent?


They say a job’s a noble thing, it pays for food and bills
When you’re feeling low-down it buys carter’s little pills
But one thing a job can’t do is make me feel real good
If I had the chance, I’d never work, you know I never would


Well I finally got a good job with much higher pay
Looks like the money’s finally coming my way
But give me just a few more weeks, I’ll break the happy news
I’ve quit this ol’ job of mine to sing the want ad blues