My plight in a college town as friends drifted away....written in late 1970s. Recorded in late 2018.
Pedal Steel by Geoff DeMuth


All My Friends Are Biznnessmen
1980s ©Roger Bain

Suddenly it hit me yesterday
All of my friends are gone
They went to the city where the money is
And left me in this college town

Now all of my friends are businessmen
So sad but true
They went to the city where the money is
And left me here alone and blue

Now Brian I thought he would never give in
He had a true, true rock & roll heart
But now he wears a suit and tie to his job
He’s certainly playing the part


Dave runs a bank he’s got his uncle to thank
He’s got a foreign man to come and cut his grass
But I can still recall the night we made a pledge
To spend our lives stoned on our ass


Jim, Jim, Jim he could paint like the wind
Like nobody that I ever saw
But now that he’s making money hand over fist
He doesn’t paint much anymore


And my dad said “son it’s going to happen to you
Just like it happened to me.”
I said Dad, Dad, Dad let me finish my song
Then whatever will be will be


Instrumental break & out