1. Hardly Working

During the 1970s I was often between jobs.
Written in 2018 ©2018 Roger Bain
engineer/mix/marimba/back vox by Geoff DeMuth
Drums by David Prusina


Hardly Working Song
©2018 Roger Bain began 2/24/18 (key largo) – 9/30/18 (Arlington heights)

What will I do?
I don’t know
I haven’t a clue
What I should do
Have no clue
What I could do
My soul is smirkin’
While I’m cross country lurkin’
And I’m hardly working

(No lyric verse)
I could be soda jerkin’
I could be camera store clerkin’
But I am hardly…hardly workin

What would you do
If you were in these shoes
Where would you go
If you had these blues
I have no clue
What I can do
Like a holy rolling gherkin
Like humpty dumpty smirkin’
I am hardly…hardly workin

There’s one thing that’s for certain
When you peek behind the curtain, you’ll see
I’m hardly…hardly workin
What can I do?
Where should I stay
Where can I go?
To make my way
I’m in my shoe
And I don’t know what to do
There are duties I am shirkin’
With poverty I am flirtin’
I’m like a holy rolling gherkin
And I am hardly…hardly workin’