Dear Kitty
By R. Bain begun in Amsterdam, July 2016 ©2016

Dear Kitty
One day they’ll understand
Why we are hiding in this annex
Here in Amsterdam
There is a monster
Lurking outside
We couldn’t run
Now I hope we can hide

Dearest Kitty
You know I feel so confined
But my mind is still active
Working over time
I feel that I’m a writer
But who else will know
As I peak through the crack
To the canal below

My Dear Kitty
Please don’t make me choose
Between the dreamlike past
And the future blues
Today I washed potatoes
And that’s all we ate
Our lives are being strangled
By the hand of fate

Dear Kitty
Please don’t despair
Even though our situation
Is so unfair
The earth is shaking
Like a hellbound train
But as long as you’re with me
I can’t complain
Intro figure

Dear Kitty
How can God exist?
What kind of God allows
Such evil to persist?
I’m living with some people
That I can barely stand
We’re trying to hang on here
In Amsterdam

Dear Kitty
Let’s bid everyone adieu
There’s a place that I am headed
And you’re going there too
Sometimes I feel good
And sometimes I’m bad
Sometimes I feel like the one
My Mother shouldn’t have had.

Dear Kitty
Dear Kity