Marching Julius
By Roger Bain circa 1975 ©2018 Roger Bain

I came, I saw, I conquered you
I’m a warrior, a poet and a scholar
And if I need my men real quick cause I find myself in a jam
All I do is just holler

I laid, siege, on the Gauls in France
Mounted on my snow-white charger
And now a grin slips over my face
My empire it grows larger

Came back from Gaul felt ten feet tall
My head all dizzy with power
I told my rival, said, “old Pompeii,
You have to leave Rome within the hour.”

So I chased Pompeii down, to old Egypt town
Where he was beheaded at the whim of a unik
When I arrived they hand me his head and I
Cry just like a baby

Maybe I can go for
A Mediterranean cruise
I could be happy calming my nerves
Eating hors d’oeuvres

I came, I saw, I conquered you
Oh Cleopatra
You know no other queen could ever do
Because you see it is Egypt I am after

Maybe we can go for
A ride on your barge down the Nile
We got the power to do it in
Such fine style

Now they tell me, to beware of the Ides of March
She’s a mean spirit, ya have to appease her
I say what do I care about the Ides of March, you know
I’m Julius Caesar