Roger Bain: Acoustic guitar & vocals
Upright bass: Jim Seidel
Drums: David Prusina
Engineer/mix: Geoff DeMuth
song ©Roger Bain 2020


An Acquired Taste
© Roger Bain December 2019 – April 2020

She was an acquired taste
Not the kind of woman you should love in haste

She was a dream come true
But sometimes that dream would leave you feeling blue

She had a cool embrace
But once she got going, she would burn down the place

She never looked into the mirror
Except on Saturday night
She never moved into your apartment
But often she spent the night

She was an acquired taste
Not really slutty, not really chaste

She had an amazing face
The kind that Botticelli would have loved to trace

It took her a month to remember your name
But you didn’t seem to mind
You couldn’t look into her eyes for too long
Frightened that you would go blind

She could speak a little inglés
With an accent that was hard to place

She was an acquired taste
A rare opportunity, you could not waste