Guitar & Vocals: Roger Bain
Upright Bass: Jim Seidel
Percussion: Victor Camacho
Pedal Steel Guitar: Geoff DeMuth
song by Roger Bain ©2020


Pandemic Sunset
© Roger Bain April 2020 Update: Jul. 17,202

It is another
Pandemic sunset
It’s like no other
Fee-ling I’ve had
I am uncertain
About tomorrow
I have forgotten
About yesterday

The fire is burning
In the pandemic sunset
Life goes on
While I stand still
Should I be angry
Or mad at life, now
Should I be thankful
That I’m still here

A funny thing happens
In the pandemic sunset
When I laugh
What am I laughing at?
Am I laughing
Just to keep from crying
Or am I laughing
At my own punchline


Why should this moment
Tear us apart now
Why can’t we all
Just try to be kind