Reinforce My Belief
By Roger Bain ©2018 Begun in Amsterdam July 2016/continued in AH and Key Largo through Nov./Dec. 2016 & through March 2017 amended May 30, 2017 & June 17, 2017
Tell me what I want to hear
Tell me what I should fear
Tell me every day of the year
Tell me, loud and clear
Reinforce my belief (3X)
In you-ooo
In me-eee

Tell me what I already know
Tell me where I must go
Show me which line I should toe
Reinforce my belief (3X)
In me-eee (repeat)

A nation learns a new dance
The leader’s not wearing any pants
Everybody raves and rants
We all could be living in France

Tell me what I should think
Encourage me to click on your link
Show me which Kool Aid I can drink
Reinforce my belief (3X)
In me-eee (repeat)

Help me to remember when
Just how great it was back then
When everyone was drinkin’ bathtub gin
Make me feel that great again
Reinforce my belief (3X)
In me-eee (repeat)

Our situation it stinks
The internet is pouring me drinks
Business is booming for shrinks
Lady Liberty is a minx

Explain to me why truth is fake
Explain to me just what’s at stake
Cast me beneath your spell
I’m ready to buy anything that you sell
Reinforce my belief (3X)
In me-eee (repeat)

Nuance hasn’t any place
Since the demagogue won the last race
You’ll have to wipe the egg off of your face
And do more than just take up space