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  1. Meaning Of Life

Recorded in Geoff's basement 2016.


The Meaning of Life
By Roger Bain
Winter of 2014/15 copr. 2015

I don’t seem to be getting older
Said the wise man to the fool
I’ve been here every year
Since the birth of cool

And I declare I’m getting smarter
Said the prophet to the judge
I realize the waste of time
It takes to hold a grudge

And somehow I am getting richer
Said the blind man to the thief
Yesterday I met a stranger
Who profited from grief


My senses they are getting sharper
Said the poet to the clerk
The more you play, the better it gets
When you come home from work

Never lose your sense of humor
Said the father to the son
Though my wilder days are over
I still can carry on

Always try to seek the meaning
Of things we can never know
When in doubt my advice
Is to go against the flow


I swear I saw a neon angel
Said the preacher to his flock
You never know just what you’ll find
When you overturn the rock