A sketch of Key Largo from the perspective of a snowbird.


Under The Gumbo Limbo Tree
by Roger Bain
Finished 2-24-16 Rock Harbor Club, Key Largo, FL

Under the Gumbo Limbo tree
I heard the conch shell blow
As the day relaxed and the sky lit up
In rosy afterglow

Under the Gumbo Limbo tree
Sat my baby and me
Sipping wine from a distant land
And pondering eternity

There’s a dude on his bike, handing out fish
He caught yesterday on the reef
“It’s Kingfish, ya know. I smoked it myself
It tastes better than beef”

The pelican is comical as he waddles on the pier
And tries to filch a fish
From the folks of the north who’ve travelled so far
To check off this wish on their list

The bay is glass as the sun goes down
And the Osprey seeks its nest
The boats come in the wind dies down
And all eyes turn to the west

Under the Gumbo Limbo tree
I found my pot of gold
The secret of life is having a wife
To share your escape from the cold

Under the Gumbo Limbo tree….