My Mailman Has a Tail

Hey kids! Want to hear something other than overproduced pop syrup sung by 15 year old tarts wearing too much makeup? Want to hear some blues, country, rock, folk and some fingerpicking music? Want to hear songs about germs, pre-historic frogs and smelly elephants? Welcome to the world of The Mailman with a tail. These are songs for you, your parents and your goofy Uncle. 

These tunes make a nifty soundtrack for a family road trip to
Anywhere USA.  Scroll down and you will see that many of the songs have their own color page that you can download. Do this at parties or on rainy days. Write your name on the color page and mail it to your grandparents. The Mailman will be happy if you do! 
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Songs for kids who enjoy songs. And germs of all ages.

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My Mailman Has a Tail

My Mailman Has a Tail

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Elmo The Smelly Elephant, Beelzebuffo, My Mailman Has a Tail, A Rock a Stone a Stick and a Bone, The Sneeze Song, I’m a Germ, Playin’ My Guitar, March of the Hammerheads, Daddy Wants a Tool for Christmas, Roundhouse Rag and Every Day Brings Something New.

Download Color Pages

Click on any of these, then print out and color. Hours of cheap fun!

7 illustrations by Mark Berns. Upper right hand Germ by Steve Krakow.
 Click on the Elmo sketch below and you'll be transported to a digital color page. You know what transported means? It means taken to another world. Have fun! 

March of the Hammerheads

A Rock a Stone aStick&aBone

Spud the Potato

Running With Statues

  Germs courtesy of Steve Krakow, aka Plastic Crimewave. Sir Crimewavey also did my caricature on Home Page and the Gettoutayermind fiend on Song Collections page.

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